Show Off You Best Possible Smile
By Bellevue Dental Excellence
July 02, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
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Even tiny flaws in tooth enamel can affect your appearance. Luckily, there's no reason to give up smiling when veneers can transform veneersproblem teeth. Dentists Dr. Man Sunwoo and Dr. Alan Ho of Bellevue Dental Excellence offer veneers and other cosmetic dentistry services in their Bellevue, WA, office.

Veneers offer a simple way to improve your smile

Veneers keep minor imperfections out of view by concealing them with a thin layer of porcelain attached to the fronts of your teeth. Unlike dental crowns, veneers don't require substantial changes to the structure of your teeth. Veneer preparation only requires removing a very small amount of tooth enamel to ensure an ideal fit. Once the enamel is removed, an impression of your teeth is made. The impression allows the dental laboratory that crafts your veneers to create restorations that don't feel bulky or look unnatural.

Veneers hide flaws you don't want to share with the world

Even healthy teeth sometimes have a few flaws that don't affect their function, such as uneven surfaces, shallow cracks or small chips. Adding veneers to teeth conceals minor imperfections and can help you feel better about your appearance.

Changing the color of your smile is easy with veneers

Depending on their color, your new veneers can blend in with the rest of your teeth or brighten your smile. If you're covering a discolored or damaged tooth, you'll want a color that's the same as nearby teeth. A bright white shade may be your choice if you're using veneers as an alternative to teeth whitening treatments.

Veneers can completely transform teeth

Veneers are an excellent choice if you have a slightly twisted or crooked tooth that doesn't interfere with your bite. Instead of wearing braces to correct the position of one or two teeth, you can change the way they look with veneers. Veneers may be recommended if you want to cover small gaps between your teeth, or if you've worn down your enamel by grinding your teeth at night. If you have a grinding problem, you may also want to wear a nightguard to prevent damage to your new restorations.

Perfect your smile with veneers. Call Bellevue, WA, dentists Drs. Man Sunwoo and Alan Ho of Bellevue Dental Excellence at (425) 378-1600 to schedule your appointment.


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